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LSR 2015 Meetings

- Radiology Updates during the Lebanese Order of Physicians Annual Congress, Radiology Session wth Carla Hobeika, Anis Nassar and Carla Tohmé (Lebanon), Saturday March 14 … more details

Radiology Session on RECIST, with Laure Fournier (France), during the Panarab Oncology Congress, Saturday March 28 … more details

Imaging of the Lung, with Nevzat Karabulut (Turkey), Aghiad Kutoubi, Noël Aoun, Samer Abi Khalil (Lebanon), during LAMDA Congress, Saturday May 9 … more details

Imaging of Enthesopathy and Imaging of the Shoulder, with JL Drapé and MA D'Agostino (France), Joint Session with the Rhumatologists,  May 15-16  … more details

Abdominal and Interventional Imaging, with Christine O. Menias and Nael El Said Saad (USA) on Thursday May 28 … more details

Radiopediatry and Radioprotection, with Hubert Ducou Le Pointe (France) on Saturday May 30 … more details

Association Médicale Franco-Libanaise (6ème congrès annuel), radiology session with Antoine Khalil (France), Michel Ghossain and Christine Salem-Chedid (Lebanon) on Thursday Jul 30 … more details

Prostatic and Thoracic Imaging, with Georges Nawfal (Lebanon), Hicham Kobeiter and Antoine Khalil (France) on Thursday Aug 6 … more details

Prostatic and Gynecologic Imaging (Tripoli), with Georges Nawfal (Lebanon), Hicham Kobeiter and Michel Ghossain (France) on Sunday Aug 9 … more details

More meetings in preparation  

BRAIN IMAGING on Nov 8, 2014

At the occasion of the 3rd International Day of Radiology (IDoR)

 Saturday November 8, 2014
Brain imaging (Topic of the year) 

Beit El Tabib, Beirut, Lebanon 


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3rd International Day of Radiology

Five ebooks are available on the IDoR website: The story of Radiology (volumes 1, 2 & 3)

Oncology Imaging // Thoracic Imaging // Brain Imaging


26-27 September 2014

From Screening to Treatment
organized by
The Lebanese Society of Radiology
The Lebanese Society of Nuclear Medicine
The Lebanese Gynecology Oncologic Group
ASTARTE: Trans-Mediterranean Association: Women and Breast Cancer
Lebanese Order of Physicians, Tahwita, Beirut, Lebanon
26-27 September 2014
 Free entry, CME credits
Language: French/English
12 international speakers
8 national speakers
on site documents
Free CD on Breast Radiology
Booklet of guidelines (Memo & 10 forms)


Vascular Imaging, Louis BOYER (France), Saturday March 8 … more details

Hepato-pancreatic Imaging, Christophe Aubé (France), Saturday April 5 … more details

Imaging of the Ankle, Jean-Luc Drapé (France), Saturday May 24 …  more details

Journées de Sénologie - Multidisciplinary Breast Days, LSR, LSNM, GGOL (Lebanon) & ASTARTE (France), September 26-27 …  more details

Imaging of the Thyroid, PY Marcy (France), M Haidar (Lebanon), Saturday October 11 …  more details

More meetings in preparation 

LSR 2014 Associated Radiology Meetings

Sacroiliac Joint Imaging and Inflammatory Back Pain at FM-USJ, Saturday May 17 … more details

Medical Imaging Symposium (MIS 2014) at AUST, Wednesday May 21 … more details

Virtual Colonoscopy at UMCRH, Conference & Workshop, October 6-8  … more details

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis "ALS Tag" at St Georges Hospital, Saturday Dec 13  … more details  



- Neuroradiology, Gregory L Katzman (USA), Saturday March 23 … more details

Imaging of Renal Tumors, Olivier HELENON (France), Saturday April 27 … more details

Imaging of the Pituitary Gland & Cerebro-Thoracic Lesions, JF BONNEVILLE and A KHALIL (France), Saturday May 11 … more details

- PET/CT in oncology and Nuclear guided surgery, Join meeting of the LSNM and the LSR, Saturday May 25 … more details

Diagnostic Imaging, Join meeting of CEDREL, SFR, LSR, Tuesday Aug 13  … more details

- Vascular Imaging, Louis BOYER (France), initially scheduled on November 9, posponed to a later date due to regional situation  … more details



- Neuroradiology, Elias MELHEM (USA), Friday February 17 … more details

- ENT Imaging, Frédérique DUBRULLE (France), Saturday March 24 … more details

Gynecology Imaging, Marc BAZOT (France), Saturday March 31 … more details

- Hip Imaging, Valérie BOUSSON (France), Saturday May 12… more details

- Oncologic Imaging, Alain RAHMOUNI & Antoine KHALIL (France), Saturday May 19… more details



Mammography Training for Radiographers, Sat 15 October 2011 … more details

Thorcaic & Hepatic Imaging, Antoine Khalil &,Hicham Kobeiter (France), Thur July 28 … more details

Pancreatic Imaging,  Marie-Pierre Vullierme ( France), Thursday May 26, … more details 


The 4th Arab Radiological Congress (ARC 4)
Official Congress of the Pan Arab Association of Radiological Societies (PAARS)
was organized by the Lebanese Society of Radiology
Movenpick Hotel
Jnah, Beirut, Lebanon
Thursday April 28 to Saturday April 30, 2011
Parallel PAIRS meeting April 27-28 
International guest speakers
Official language: English
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