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The Mission of the Lebanese Society of Radiology (LSR) is:

To promote scientific events in Lebanon with the collaboration of:

-          The Lebanese Order of Physician

-          The other Lebanese Scientific Societies

-          International Scientific Societies


To encourage communication within:

-          The Lebanese Radiological Community

-          The Radiologists of Lebanese origin living abroad


To help Residents in radiology to:

-          Integrate the radiological community

-          Take advantage of the relations of the LSR with International Societies and Associations


To promote collaboration between Radiologists and Radiographers by:

-          Organizing Scientific Meetings advocate to radiographers

-          Offer to radiographers the opportunity to join this website


To protect the rights of Radiologitst in Lebanon by close collaboration with:

-          The Lebanese Order of Physicians (LOP)

-          The Committee on Nomenclature of the LOP


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LSR is a member of the Lebanese Order of physicians


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