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About this section

This section enables you to :

  • SEARCH for a member of the Lebanese Society of Radiology (LSR) or a person affiliated to our site, and to consult its public profile i.e. information that he allows us to display online.
  • EDIT your profile by using your personal username and password
  • CONSULT the details of your subscriptions and CME credits with the LSR, while editing your profile.
  • JOIN the LSR


Members of the LSR and persons affiliated to our site are divided into several categories:
  • Active members (members of the LSR that are up-to-date for their fees).
  • Eligible members (radiologists registered at the Lebanese Order of Physicians of Beirut or Tripoli but who are not up-to-date for their fees with respect to the LSR).
  • Members of the CEDREL (French radiologits of Lebanese origin)
  • Residents in radiology
  • Honorary members
  • Radiographers
  • Invited members


Research can be done by category or for all the categories together.
While clicking on the institution (if it is displayed), you can see the other members of this institution.

Edit your profile

Any person present on this site can have a username and a password that enables him to modify himself his profile. Just login at the left column of this page. If you don't know your username and password, follow the link "lost password" or contact the LSR at

Consult details of your subscriptions and CME credits 

While editing your profile you can consult yours annual subscriptions to the LSR and your CME credits.


Recommendations and limitations while editing your profile
  • For security reasons, you cannot change your Last name, First name, Father’s name and LOP number. If there is an error in spelling, contact by Email the LSR.
  • For all others informations, you can change them yourself and decide if you want them to be displayed on the web (public profile) or not.
  • The LSR needs your cell phone (for SMS), your Email address and your Postal address to communicate with you but you can choose to not display these items on your public profile.
  • For your photo, use a passport photo or a photo showing clearly your face. Please do not use logo, decorative pictures, or icons.
  • We recommend that you allow displaying the maximum of information in your public profile to favor communication inside our radiological community.



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