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Actual and Previous Committees

This page enables you to consult the executive committees of the Lebanese Society of Radiology (LSR) since 1994 and some other committees related to it.

While clicking on the committee you can visualize or mask its members.

While clicking on a member you can see his public profile i.e. the information that he allows us to display online.

LSR Board 2016-2017
AFLR 2016-2017
LSR Board 2014-2015
AFLR 2014-2015
LSR Board 2012-2013
AFLR 2012-2013
LSR Board 2010-2011
AFLR 2010-2011
LSR Board 2008-2009
AFLR 2008-2009
LSR Board 2006-2007
AFLR 2006-2007
LSR Board 2004-2005
AFLR 2004-2005
LSR Board 2002-2003
AFLR 1997-2003
LSR Board 2000-2001
LSR Board 1998-1999
LSR Board 1996-1997
LSR Board 1994-1995

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