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2nd Bekaa Meeting-Prostatic Imaging 26-08-2016
Organizers: LSR, Litani Association
August 26 2016 - Country: Lebanon
Languages: French, English - Scientific domains: Urology
2nd Bekaa Meeting-Prostatic Imaging with Dr Georges Nawfal (Lebanon) - Friday 26 August 2016 - Venue: Bekaa Hosiptal, Taanayel-Chtaura, Lebanon). 1st and 2nd sessions Multidisciplinary (17:00-19:20) - 3rd session : Prostatic Imaging (19:30-20:30). Dinner.
3rd session 19:30-20:30: Prostate cancer screening: PSA or MpMRI (Multi parametric MRI) (30 min) & Prostate guided biopsy: state of the art (30 min). Dinner offered by MENARINI INTERNATIONAL will follow at Khan Al Jawz (Jdita-Chtaura, Lebanon).
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